Never run before?  NO problem!

If you're a bit scared of all that lycra, worried you won't be able to keep up or you're not even ready to run just yet

                                                                DON'T PANIC!

- We have 3 regular groups that move at different paces from running to walking.

- We never leave anyone behind and you can change groups at ANY TIME.

- If you miss a week or two - NO problem! Just come back because we will miss you!


It costs £2 per week - which covers stuff like training volunteer leaders, the hire of the hall and subsidising some social events and trips.


If you're not quite ready for running, this group will help you increase the distance and pace you are comfortable walking at. In amongst chatting to the other walkers and finding places you've never been before in Llandrindod, we'll throw in some fields, styles, slopes, lanes and roads to keep it interesting.


Come and join the walkers for some steady walks, robust chats and awesome laughs.

Walk 2 Run

If you fancy trying running, we will help you to gradually move from walking to walking and running.

You'll be surprised how your fitness will improve BUT if you haven't enough breath to chat, SLOW DOWN woman! Life is too short not to enjoy a proper natter as you go!

So join walk2run for a chance to start running and develop an appreciation for lycra.

Fun runners

The fun runners do exactly that - they RUN and they have FUN!

We recognise that some ladies have been coming for a while now so we're adding some new elements to this group.

We will still be running but we will also do some fun exercises to help you get stronger, stay fit and avoid injury.


If you love how running makes you feel this is the group for you.

The trainers

This group is for women who have started running outside of Monday nights and who want to run that bit further or faster. Alongside harder runs there will be hills, sprinting and training drills. We many not run the group every time; it will depend on how many leaders we have available and the level of demand.

You'll be amazed at what you can achieve in 10 weeks!

Each session is in 3 parts.

To keep you supple and injury free it is essential to take part in ALL THREE PARTS of each session.


We've funked up our warm up!


Watch the video to learn the routine! 


Your leaders will take you on a fitness adventure through Llandrindod via the medium of walk, run and chat.

3  THE COOL DOWN              

Another little routine to help stretch those tired muscles and avoid injuries.

Every Monday - come rain or shine!

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