Maggie Walby - Our founder:

Maggie started Just Move back in 2015 to support + welcome women taking their first steps back into fitness in a social, encouraging setting. Since then hundreds of women have joined Just Move on a Monday night for some fun, friendship and fitness.

Now that Maggie has moved on, we leaders continue both the activity and ethos of the group and JM goes from strength to strength.

In Maggie's own words "Together we can achieve more!"

All the leaders are trained as Leaders in Running Fitness
Other training + qualificiations:
Symbols            1st aid training                   Safeguarding in Athletics
Our Leaders adhere to our Code Of Conduct which you can see here:
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Introducing our lovely volunteer leaders who make Just Move possible.
Caroline Moscrop:

Running is fun and Just Moves gives a lot of encouragement!

Sue Cox:

I just completed my Leader in Running Fitness course in April and am looking forward to helping the ladies in the walking group to get fitter and stronger.

Cath Fitzgerald:

I became a leader myself to give back, to help others achieve and to put my training as a teacher to good use.

Just move? Why not? Give it a go - anything is possible.

Sue Davies:

Come along and have a go, there's a level for everyone. Getting out in the fresh air after a desk bound day and blowing away the cobwebs is brilliant! 

Barbra Gough:

I joined Just Move in 2015 and was supported to get out running for the first time in my life. So i was really excited to train as a leader, join the team and support others on their running journey. 

Emma Palmer:

I joined Just Move to improve my health and fitness. Along my incredible journey I have made new friends, and it has given me the confidence to have a go at anything. Thank you Just Move.

Hazel Lewis:
I started walk to run 18 months ago and with the encouragement of the other leaders I've become a runner and love it!!! Now I'm helping others achieve their goals and dreams!! Also runs Fab Friday!
Sarah Leyland Morgan:

I enjoy being with others running and that everything else about your day disappears for that brief time. You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

Emma Adams:

I love meeting people who I can relate to saying I CAN'T RUN THAT FAR!!!  Give it a try it's addictive in a good way and great for the mind and body.

Sarah Power:

My motivation is the feeling I know I'll get at the end of a run. You've got nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain! Go on, give it a go!

Andrea Burton:

I love a run and JM encourages me to go every Monday.

I became a leader to help other people the way the leaders helped me.

Jude Boutle:

Just Move helped me return to something I love – running. It is now my privilege to help and encourage other women believe in themselves and achieve!!

And welcome to our newest leaders who just completed their Leader in Running Fitness course this January
Liz Benbow:

Just Moves has made such a difference to me. It's helped me to achieve far more than I ever thought possible!

I want to share that feeling with others.

Wendy Dennis:

I joined Just Moves to be with like minded ladies, to get fit enough to, hopefully, be able to run in the not too distant future, after my knee op. I'm getting there slowly. Never thought I could do it at my age. Just shows what determination can do.

Hayley Cassell:

Just Move helped me achieve my goals so I want to give back and help others to do the same. Just moves is a wonderful supportive group that I want to be part of.

Tara Bonwick-Smith:

I never believed I could until these ladies showed me that I can!

Now I hope I can encourage others to feel the same.

Our reserve leaders who are taking a break from our rota for a while.
Julie Treacy:

I've been helping out at Just Move since it started. It's been absolutely brilliant seeing the numbers of women coming grow and grow!

Mary Morton:

It’s only scary the 1st time. Bring a buddy, join the walking group for the 1st week or speak to someone in the group to ease your nerves.

Judy Baird Murray:

It’s all about progression. From nothing to walking, being proud of your achievements or simply getting together with other ladies and feeling good about yourself.

Sam Pembridge:

If women are thinking of joining Just Moves, I always tell them my story - I couldn't run 3 yrs ago, now I can't stop!! Go on, you might surprise yourself!

Shelly Davies:

Just Move is the only bit of 'me time' I get and I hold on to it. It's a personal investment!

I run now just because I can!

Every Monday - come rain or shine!

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