Running starter kit – Six essentials at great prices

January 14, 2017

If you’re starting running, making sure you have the right kit doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Check out Aldi stores from time to time as they have a brilliant range of running gear at low prices as do many supermarkets. Don’t forget charity shops too and sports shops like Decathlon and Sports Direct are well worth a look.


1          SHOES

Buying running shoes for the first time can be bamboozling but if you’re just starting out don’t get sucked into all the science talk about over and under pronation, just keep it simple! Choose something that feels comfortable to wear and costs less than £40. Just Moves runs and walks mostly on pavements so you need a road running shoe (an off-road shoe has a harder sole with ridges to stop you slipping on grass or trails but is not so comfortable on a hard pavement). 


This one is from Tesco online for £11.99


2          SPORTS BRA

Girls, trust me, your best friend is going to be your sports bra. Its great to look good but what goes on underneath is even more important. You need a sports bra that adequately supports, especially if you have a larger body shape. You need socks that prevent blisters and pants that don’t rub. The biggest problem with underwear is chaffing or rubbing so make sure whatever you choose has smooth or no seams that will cause rubbing in those intimate places.


Decathlon has this sports bra for £6.49.                This one is from Sport Direct currently                                                                                       just £3.50!















3       SOCKS


 This ‘twin skin’ sock from Sports Direct is £4.99 – a twin skin sock helps prevent blisters by using a double layer of material so that any rubbing is between the two layers of material instead of against your skin.







4      PANTS

Pants are so important to get right. Now it may seem crazy to spend as much on your pants as on your shoes but you really need to look after any part of you that is soft and likely to get a bit sweaty. What both these pairs have in common is the lack of seams to rub and cause discomfort.


These are from Sports Direct for £4                            and these from Start Fitness at £8.














Wicking just means that moisture, like sweat is taken away from your body so you don’t stay wet while you run or walk. Well, its going to be no surprise that we’re going to recommend a distinctive and distinguished JUST MOVES T shirt. Available direct from Just Moves on a Monday night they are just £10 for the T shirt or £8 for the vest.

In this beauty you can be seen and stay dry.


For shorts go for something stretchy and light weight – same principles as pants, avoid nasty hard seams which will rub. These crop bottoms from Decathlon are £7.99.



Until the weather gets a little kinder, its a good idea to have a hat and some gloves. Aldi often do running, cycling or ski wear made form merino wool - breathable warm and great prices. Alternatively here's a nifty beanie from Amazon at just £2.25. The gloves are from Sport Direct and cost £4.99.













At Just Moves we go out come rain or shine.

We know skin is waterproof, but sometimes you want a little protection from the elements. My favourite waterproof long sleeve jacket came from Aldi for just £10 and packs away into a tiny cute little bag. This one is bright enough to keep you safe too, available from Dare2Be and comes in at £17.95


You know the saying "be safe, be seen" well its sooooo true! Here's a few bits and bobs to help you be seen and stay safe.





Shoe lights are fab and really visible. They just clip around the heel of your trainers. These are on e-bay for just £2.46.







This chest light is from Decathlon and is what the leaders wear. It is more expensive at £29.95 (IN STORE ONLY) but really good, rechargeable and gives a powerful beam so you can see where you're treading and be seen by others.




These arm band lights are adjustable using velcro and are just £6.99 a pair from Amazon with free UK p+p. These do come up every so often at Aldi so keep looking.




And home for nothing, just reuse a small water bottle that fits nicely in the palm of your hand. Add some rubber bands around the middle to stop it getting slippery when you are sweaty.

Or you can get a fab bottle from the Braken Trust in Llandrindod Wells for just £3.

So that's you - all kitted out with the essentials to stay safe, warm and run well.




 Just Move is a friendly Walk to Run group based in Llandrindod Wells.  We meet every Monday for a run with groups to suit all abilities If you would like to find out more or join us then take a look at our 10 Week Group Training Plans or simply get in touch.


We are all about fun, friendship and fitness!



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Running starter kit – Six essentials at great prices

January 14, 2017

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