WELCOME to Just Move! :)

January 14, 2017

Here’s some info about what to expect on your first night at Just Move to make your experience with Just Move, Just brilliant :)




We meet in the hall of Cefnllys school at 6.45pm on Monday evenings. On the first night we advise you to come 15 minutes early so that we can say hello and women who haven’t registered on line can fill out a registration form.


There are toilets at the school and there’s plenty of parking but no changing rooms so come dressed for walking or running action! Leave valuables in your car and take your car key with you as we cannot guarantee your things will be safe while we’re out exercising.


When you arrive, go into the hall and we will direct you from there. Don’t forget to bring your £2 with you for each session!


Choose your group – take a look on the website at the 3 different groups (possibly 4 if there is demand for it) and work out which group you think will suit you. If you are not sure we would suggest starting with something you think you’ll be able to handle. You can swap groups at any time in any direction.


Wear the right gear – sports or loose comfortable clothing and trainers. Take a look at our blog on getting kitted out for less £££s. Thin layers are good to keep you warm to start with and shed as you heat up. You may need a light weight waterproof jacket and a hoodie or fleece to stop you getting cold after the session.


Eat and drink right – whilst everyone is different, its sensible to have a light snack about an hour before coming to Just Move. It’s uncomfortable to run or walk on a full stomach or after stodgy food but equally no food means no energy.


Bring a bottle of water with you, it is important to stay hydrated during and after your session.


Stay safe - When the nights are dark you will need a hand or head torch and outer layers in bright colours and with reflective strips are ESSENTIAL.


Look after your health – if you need medication like an inhaler BRING IT WITH YOU. If you have medical conditions that either affect you while you exercise or you think the leader should know about it is your responsibility to tell your Leader.


Most importantly come and have fun, find friendship, and get fit!


We’re really excited about seeing you all on Monday, if you have any questions just ask us by using the contact form on the website

You can meet some of the other JM women on our FB group too.




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